Last week we talked about how important link building is for SEO and how great sites naturally attract links from other sites.  Sometimes, however, no matter how great your content is, you might still want to put your link building into overdrive.  As promised, here’s a great way to intentionally get more links pointing into your site.

Press releases.  Did you know that press releases, long thought to be a great tool for PR can also help you to increase your Google ranking?  That’s right.  When you write a press release and distribute it around the globe, you stand the chance of having it picked up and posted on blogs and news sites everywhere.  If it’s written with SEO in mind, you can include several links in your press releases so that every site that picks it up, naturally builds links back to your site.  It’s not rocket science.  It’s just intentional link building.  Now you don’t have to just sit on your hands hoping that people will link to you site.  You can actually do something about it and build links yourself.

Next week, we’ll hit on one more great way to build links into your site.  Until then…

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