This is the 9th part of a 12-week Wednesday series that our social media company has been putting together on how to engage with your Facebook followers.

9. Call to action. Far too many people forget to ask their customers to take the next step.  If you want people to share your content, ask them to share it.  If you want them to call, ask them to call.  A call to action is very powerful.  How can you expect people to do what you want them to do if you don’t ask them to do it?  There’s nothing pushy about asking your fans to share something if they liked it.  After all, they’re on Facebook because they like the format.  They like sharing content.  Plus, once you get one person to share it, then the next person who visits is more likely to take a similar action because their trusted friend already endorsed it.  Research shows that people are far more likely to enjoy something that was recommended than something that was not recommended.  I’ve seen studies that show that people who have read a positive restaurant review rated their dining experience higher than those that didn’t see the review.  People actually think food tastes better if they’ve been told that the food tastes great.  There’s a hamburger joint in Fort Collins called 3 Guys and their walls are plastered with testimonials and newspaper reviews.  As you wait in line, you see posters that say, “Best French Fries in the Country! – New York Times”  or “Delicious burgers! – Miami Herald.”  It’s brilliant.  Not only does it make you want to buy fries with your burger, it subliminally makes you enjoy the fries more than if you hadn’t read that poster.

Sorry I got off track a little when I was supposed to be talking about the call to action but sometimes a bird walk is fun.

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