This is lesson 7 of a 12-part series on how to better engage with your Facebook followers.  Complete all 12 lessons and you will be a Social Media Company Rock Star.

Lesson 7:  Get your followers to check in. 

My old college roommate one sharp guy.  He’s one of those guys that dabbles in a lot of things and he’s really great at everything he tries.  Whether it’s archery or surfing or programming or engineering, he’s great at it.  While he’s not employed as a social media rock star, people know he’s great with computers so a friend asked him for help with their coffee shop’s social media.  Tim came up with a great little promotion that has proven to be a big winner for the coffee shop.

Here’s what they do.  They periodically post check-in promotions on their Facebook page.  It sounds something like this, “Free coffee for the next 10 people to come in and check-in on Facebook.”  Since they’re located near CSU in Fort Collins, their customers are huge Facebook users.  The college students see the post, flood into the coffee shop and check into Facebook on their phones.  When they do that, they essentially advertise to their friends that they’re enjoying coffee at this coffee shop.  Within minutes of the original post, the coffee shop has gotten huge visibility for the cost of 10 cups of coffee.  Pretty smart.  I told you Tim was smart.

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