Who doesn’t like talking about themselves?  We’re selfish beings by nature.  It’s work to ask people about themselves and it feels nice to talk about what’s important to us.  It’s generally something you have to be taught.  As a social media company, we even have to consciously think about it.  So here’s this weeks tip…

3. Questions. Don’t forget the obvious way to get people to engage.  Ask them questions.  People love it when you ask them about themselves.  It makes us feel important when someone asks about what we think.  Ask them for their opinion.  It can be as simple as “Cream or no cream?” or how about “Who do you think will win the Superbowl next year?”  And don’t forget about hot topics that get people fired up like politics.  “Do you think Obama will be re-elected?”  Those sorts of questions really engage viewers and readers will often feed off of the other comments that they read.  Before you know it, one question can lead to hundreds of comments.

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