I dare you to read this tip.  If you don’t love it, we’ll give you your money back.  🙂

10. Challenge your Customers.  Who doesn’t love a challenge.  “Take the Activia Challenge.”   That whole yogurt campaign is based on a 14-day challenge.  You would think that yogurt is yogurt, but when Jamie Lee Curtis tells you that you’ll feel better after 14 days, and she backs it up with a money-back guarantee challenge, who isn’t tempted to see if she’s wrong.

You don’t have to sell yogurt in order to have a challenge.  How about challenging your customers to find your logo hidden in a photo or challenge them to be the first to call.  A little competition can really get people fired up.  Some people love a personal challenge, others love a team challenge.  Either way, most people are motivated when you present something difficult and ask them if they’re good enough to measure up.

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